Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strange Dreams

28 March 2012

Last night I dreamed of the Last Supper.  My alter ego(s) in the dream were James (the Less), John the Beloved, and Judas Thomas, who learned that they were all the same person (or that they could communicate telepathically, and that they were all having the same thoughts more or less simultaneously).  Then Jesus told them (or told John, at any rate) to disband the church when he died.  John said he didn't want to do that, even if the consequences would be dire.  This is all I remember.

29 March 2012

Last night I dreamed I was a strange man entering a new town, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  There was another man in charge there who kept really savage dogs that he pretended to have under control and away from me.  I knew that they weren't really safe, and at the end of the dream I was able to avoid being fed to them.  (He tried to have me shut me up in a vault with them: I ducked out of a closing aperture just in time, and the guards chaperoning me were eaten instead.) 

30 March 2012

Last night I dreamed that I was playing this computer game like Risk, only it was set in a slightly earlier time period.  (The weapons and strategies employed seemed to come from the High Middle Ages.)  My force was small and scattered all over the globe, and we kept losing to the opposing army (which would outflank us in Europe, cutting us to pieces before we could gather and determine on some kind of cohesive strategy that didn't have us all being cut off individually and killed by superior numbers).  For some reason I was never able to access complete information about all the units allied with me.  I kept hoping the machine would tell me who they really were, what precisely their assets and positions looked like, but it never did.  Every now and then I would learn that another one had been destroyed by the almighty foe.  It was pretty frustrating.

31 March 2012

Last night I had one of my strangest dreams yet, a flying dream (in which I regularly floated around without any mechanical assistance).  At the beginning of the dream, I was flying around this old neighborhood (it looked like something from a Southern American town in the late nineteenth century, with an brick school- or warehouse that was rather somber).  I was collecting information on cards and in books of various languages (I remember seeing Greek and Russian words), and bringing them back to some kind of bureaucratic mastermind, who used them to execute criminals (who might have been innocent: I remember feeling vaguely uncomfortable with my role in bringing them to death).  The mastermind hinted to me that my flying powers might be imaginary (i.e. an illusion), and I agreed with him (even though they seemed real to me: I would hover over the landscape, then plunge suddenly and violently downward, catching myself before impact).

Somehow, I found myself trapped in a moving car, which had some full white trash bags holding my feet in place on the accelerator.  People kept on crowding onto the highway, until finally in order to avoid running them over I was forced to swerve off the road into the woods (since I could not slow the car: I was really afraid I would hit someone and be guilty of manslaughter).  I drove through the woods and ended up arriving (and stopping) at this gated village (sort of like a giant castle).  I was taken in by the people there, and it became my responsibility to manage the personal security of the master (the major of the town, or the lord of the castle).  I flew around trying to anticipate and thwart the attacks of a team of professional assassins, who kept on attacking us (and the castellan) from a bridge connecting the town to the forest on the opposite side from the gate where I arrived.  Many people came into the town via this bridge, including at least one pair of LDS Mormon missionaries.  The bridge was like a giant white jigsaw puzzle, and the final part remained unassembled (possibly as a security measure), requiring people to leap down from it into the village (which was markedly lower than the far side of the woods).  The missionaries were afraid to jump, but they did so, along with everybody else--including the assassins (dressed in black with their faces hidden) who kept shooting at us.  I did not feel bad shooting back at the assassins, at least, making them somewhat unique among all the people I put in mortal danger in this dream.   

1 April 2012
I dreamed I was in this large house: in fact, it resembled a hospital or a school inside.  I was working with a team of people, fighting against these bugs that would appear out of nowhere (were they ghosts?).  Initially, we battled the bugs with plastic swords and waterguns.  I remember grabbing a handful of these "weapons" at one time and rushing into a dark hallway, which seemed empty initially but was soon teaming with bugs (the bugs seemed to emerge from children's toys, kind of like our weapons).  I knew that the bugs were coming from somewhere underground, using secret tunnels to travel from their lair to the hospital where we found them.  Later in the dream, I went down to the lair.  The bugs here were much larger and scarier, and I was armed with a real (and very large) Japanese katana (with which I would dismember them).

I had another dream this same night which may or may not have been connected to this one.  I was living in a castle (again), with some magic implements (like a thimble, or a pin) that I needed very much in order to survive (or do something important that was my task).  I lost one of them when some invisible (female) spirit inhabiting the place took offense by me and absconded with them.  I spent a lot of time fruitlessly trying to convince her that I was a friend and that she should give me my stuff back.  Then, the master of the castle lost his (female) partner.  He went out to find her (and I identified with him in the dream, for some reason).  He was (or became) a large, black water snake, and I remember him plunging into this immense, dark lake.  It was incredibly deep and murky, full of thick, wavy plants and huge, fierce monsters (whose presence I felt instinctively as the snake-castellan swam around).

8 April 2012

Last night I dreamed I was being attacked by this spider (that looked like some kind of baby toy -- one of those multi-part gizmos that comes in all the colors of the rainbow and makes creepy noises).  It wouldn't leave me alone, no matter how I tried to avoid it.  Finally, I chopped its head off with a katana.  (This dream is a lot like the one recorded just above, eh?  I guess this is what happens when someone trains martial arts his whole life and has kids, who have toys.)  The dream went on, but I don't remember any other episodes with great clarity.  I have a vague impression that one part of it involved a married couple who were dealing with some kind of massive betrayal.  (The wife may have been married to someone else for a while, and she might have used that connection to do something that ruined her first husband, with whom she was reunited in the dream.)  At some point, there was an evil toy clown masterminding criminal plots from a dark warehouse (that may have doubled as a theater). 

13 April 2012

I dreamed that I was attending a department party at some professor's house with Kirsti.  We were driving alone (without the boys) in an SUV (which I found hard to maneuver).  For some reason, every time I went to park in the driveway, something was off and I had to circle round and try again.  Some of the faculty were sitting nearby at a table, watching.  (There was one professor in particular, whom I respect and fear, who was watching me fail to park.)  Finally, I crashed the car into a post holding up the carport.  The post shifted, but the carport did not fall down.  I drove away humiliated, and told Kirsti we should just park in the street, which was far from the house (owing to the great length of the driveway). 

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