Sunday, February 19, 2012

Epitaph on Religious Freedom and Contraception

I don't think the government belongs in the healthcare industry: ideally, the individual finds doctors willing to provide the unique services she requires (or desires). As long as you are not hiring your doctor to carry out mafia hits against other patients, it's none of the government's business (or the church's) what you buy from him (or her). No employer has the right to tell me how to spend my wages (unless I am using them to hire people to carry out hits against company people I don't like).

In the stupid healthcare system we have right now--in which government privatizes gains (to the healthcare industry, especially the insurance mafia) and socializes losses (when your plan doesn't cover real needs and you don't have a cool million bucks lying around waiting to be spent on procedures or medicines much cheaper outside the US)--offering universal coverage of contraception is just a reasonable attempt to level the playing field for women (who should not have to get pregnant merely because someone gets inside them).

I am in the ironic position of agreeing with both sides here. I don't think our government's healthcare policy is worth anything (a bone for Republicans enraged at violations of religious freedom, please). I don't think women should have any problem accessing contraception (a bone for Democrats). I think the solution is for government to get out of healthcare: people will go to and/or create the services that they want. Liberals can fund hospitals that offer contraception (which is really cheap). Conservatives can get their care from dour nuns. The government can worry about other things, like the fact that it is technically bankrupt.

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